Help the site survive

Hello everyone.

Firstly, I want to say that until recently I did not want to create this topic and I do not force or force anyone. But as you all know, copyright holders complain about most resources like Epidemz. That is why we recently changed the domain to

Every month I spend more than $ 200 on site retention and protection against DDoS attacks. I spend exclusively my money, because you see that there is no advertising on the site that I could recover costs. I don’t complain, but again they force me to move to another hosting, as too many complaints come to the site.

I don’t want to ask for money and moreover I don’t ask them for myself, but I suggest you help the site. I thought for a long time how to organize this, and I found, it seems to me, the best way.

I want to offer you to buy a premium account on the K2S or Nitroflare, so you get the opportunity to quickly download videos and everything else on the site, and the site will receive bonus for which we can extend his life.


If you already have a premium account or have a desire to help in another way - write me a private message

All those who help the site - please write to me and I will transfer you to group "The Best Friend Of The Site".

Thank you all for your attention.



Сначала зайдите на смотреть фильмы, а потом обязательно зайдите сюда это стоит того